about the designer

David Suh, the founder of inLiving Design, is an accomplished award-winning graphic designer based in New York.  Up until 2001, David had been a regular, church-going "Sunday Christian" who was pursuing a successful career as a graphic designer in New York City.  However, the 9/11 tragedy had a profound impact on David, a native New Yorker, leading him to deeply question the meaning of life and death and influencing him to enter a period of intense meditation on the Bible.  David emerged from this period with a deep desire to seek truth and a personal relationship with God, contributing to his decision to enroll in seminary and earn a Master of Divinity in 2008. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the corporate graphic design, David understands the power of visual images and its amazing potential to help spread the gospel. Following graduation from seminary, David founded inLiving Design, and created his first calendar, The Gospel of John, in 2008. Every year since then, David’s calendars have been based on a different Biblical theme that are the inspiration for each calendar’s twelve Word-based visual images.  A total of ten Bible calendars have been produced since first calendar in 2008: John, Romans, Love is..., The Sermon on the Mount, Faith is..., The Parables of Jesus, Salvation is..., Hope is...., John 3:16, Remembering "I AM" of Jesus Everyday, and Romans 3:21-26.  
David regards his design talent as a God-given tool to carry out his calling as a Christian designer.  He yearns to spread the joy of the gospel with sharp, innovative visual expression and believes that his company is but one humble manifestation of his abiding passion toward the living Word.
David currently lives in New York City with his wife, Jiyoung and daughter, Esther.